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DCD opens new doors to local market
“With a height of 850 mm, this forging is the largest of 43components ordered by a South African customer for a pressure vessel application,” said DCD Ringrollers executive director Dion Booyens. “Once again pushing the boundaries on behalf of our customers.
DCD Rolling Stock: Rail Infrastructure development Plan Secures Local Content
The proposed R300-billion investment programme by Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) is set to not only streamline South Africa's railway capabilities but also potentially create business opportunities and job sustainability for sufficiently prepared local private- sector industry component manufacturers, such as the rail cluster of internationally recognised manufacturing and engineering company DCD Group.
Rolling Stock’s bogie fabrication facility
DCD Rolling Stock is in the process of re-establishing the glory-days of rail manufacturing in South Africa through a R240-million investment in a bogie fabrication facility. African Fusion reports.
Jika (PHS) Summary Report
DCD Metpro - Dyno upgrade
In November 2013 DCD Metpro started the process of installing Gautrain brake pad rig on the existing dyno. With this rig, Metpro will be able to do comparative test for Gautrain brake pad development.
Robotic Welding Cells Facility

The Robotic Welding Cells was manufactured by FANUC and installed by Robotic Innovation.

Due to high demand, DCD Rolling Stock has moved to a new level of technology by installing Robotic Welding Cells in their workshops, to weld different products and to enhance welding quality and consistency.

The use of Robotic Welding Cells have lead to improved management control, productivity, higher output rate or reduction in throughput time, reduced costs and consistently high quality products.  Robotic Welding Cells can work tirelessly day and night on an assembly line without any loss in performance.

Robotic Welding Cells
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