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DCD Metpro - Dyno upgrade
In November 2013 DCD Metpro started the process of installing Gautrain brake pad rig on the existing dyno. With this rig, Metpro will be able to do comparative test for Gautrain brake pad development.
DCD Metpro - Metpro Insource Backing Plate Manufacturing
Metpro, a Division of DCD-DORBYL (Pty) Ltd has started commissioning of a new backing plate manufacturing facility. 

With a team of skilled railway brake engineers and a full-scale rail brake dynamometer, the company is able to recommend suitable brake blocks for customers with both general and unique applications.  Quality assurance, environmental responsibility and safety are built into every facet of the manufacturing process. 

The in-house design capability drives innovation in respect of new and existing products. DCD Metpro continually improves performance by increasing wear rate, noise reduction, wheel compatibility and cast iron replacement. A key focus is also developing more environmentally-sound products.  To this end the company is actively seeking a local product to replace zinc oxide and is continuously assessing the viability of recycled materials.  

Further, efficient manufacture for product replacement parts is provided. 

  • [ ]m2 manufacturing facility in Rosslyn, South Africa
  • Fullscale rail brake dynamometer to facilitate quality testing and development of new products.
  • Capacity to manufacture up to 720 000 on-tread railway brake blocks pa
  • Backing plate shop with capacity to manufacture up to 1,4 million brake block backing plates pa
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