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DCD Metpro - Dyno upgrade
In November 2013 DCD Metpro started the process of installing Gautrain brake pad rig on the existing dyno. With this rig, Metpro will be able to do comparative test for Gautrain brake pad development.
DCD Metpro - Metpro Insource Backing Plate Manufacturing
Metpro, a Division of DCD-DORBYL (Pty) Ltd has started commissioning of a new backing plate manufacturing facility. 
DCD Metpro
DCD Metpro designs, develops and manufactures competitively-priced, on-tread composite railway brake blocks for trains, to customer specifications, with the capability of diversifying into the manufacture of brake disk pads. The customer base spans SA and an extensive export market across sub-Saharan and North Africa, Australia, Europe, the USA and Canada. It manufactures for passenger, freight, locomotive and mining railways and is a recognised supplier to licensed OEM’s.

The company currently manufactures 30 different products from a manufacturing facility in Rosslyn, SA with export and logistical capabilities. DCD Metpro is well positioned to double its output without further investment. In light of this the company is focusing on expansion in its established Australian market and penetration of the BRIC markets. 

  • ISO 900010 (Quality and Design)
  • ISO 18001 (H&S)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental) 
  • PRASA (Passenger Rail Association of South Africa) 
  • AAR American Association of Railroads
  • ARG Australian Railroad Group