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Another successful project demonstrates DCD Marine Cape Town’s ship repair expertise and proven service delivery

As one of the most established and experienced oil and gas upstream service providers in South Africa, and a company within the DCD Marine Cluster, DCD Marine Cape Town has earned a reputation as a safe, reliable and internationally competitive shipyard.

‘One Team, One Goal’ – DCD Marine Cape Town pulls out the stops to ensure another successful project in Saldanha Bay
DCD  Marine Cape Town has built up a loyal client base with some of the world’s  largest shipping and offshore drilling companies.
Minister Alan Winde Recognises Company For R1 billion Oil and Gas Contract, 1 000 jobs created
On Monday (30 June 2014) Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, addressed an award ceremony recognising local rig repair company, DCD Marine Cape Town, for their efforts in attracting a R1 billion investment into the Western Cape's Oil and Gas sector. Here's an extract of his speech:
DCD Marine

The DCD Marine Cluster provides turnkey ship and rig repair solutions to the marine and oil & gas sectors with shipyard facilities in Cape Town, Walvis Bay, Saldanha, Ngqura, East London and Durban.

The cluster comprises the following:


The companies are established preferred suppliers to rail groups and parastatals both locally and internationally.

DCD Marine Cape Town

A recognised service provider and fabricator for the upstream oil & gas sector servicing the industry from Cape Town, remote sites and offshore. Established in 1903, the company’s facilities are equipped to undertake turnkey repairs and upgrades on vessels such as drill ships, semi-submersible drilling rigs, offshore support vessels (OSVs), pipe-lay vessels etc.  The company has a superior track record in the upstream oil & gas sector for its safety, quality workmanship and on-time completion of projects.

EBH South Africa (Durban)

A ship repair and marine engineering company with almost 140 years’ experience and strategically situated in key ports of South Africa, EBH South Africa provides the local and international shipping industry including the oil & gas sector with a full in-house service in all aspects of ship repair through its operations in Durban, Cape Town and East London. These three locations are ideally situated to service Richards Bay, Port Elizabeth, Mossel Bay and Saldhana Bay.

The company works closely with the National Ports Authority and plays a significant role in the maritime sector of the economy. Access to Transnet National Ports Authority's (TNPA) docking facilities has increased the company's capacity and flexibility in ensuring superior quality service to its clients.

EBH South Africa was formed in December 2012 after DCD group acquired EBH, which was originally founded in 1878.

EBH Namibia (Walvis Bay)

Operates three privately-owned floating docks in Walvis Bay Namibia with a combined capacity of 30 000 ton including a panama size dock.

A renowned provider of world‐class marine repair solutions, the company has access to the   2 000 ton synchro-lift facility of Namport which has increased its capacity thereby ensuring superior quality service to its clients. DCD Group’s acquisition and 47, 5% stake in EBH Namibia has greatly assisted in establishing Namibia as one of the leading ship repairing countries on the West Coast of Africa.