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DCD opens new doors to local market
“With a height of 850 mm, this forging is the largest of 43components ordered by a South African customer for a pressure vessel application,” said DCD Ringrollers executive director Dion Booyens. “Once again pushing the boundaries on behalf of our customers.
DCD Protected Mobility: "Springbuck APC" accepted as a perfect solution in East Africa
A country in East Africa has awarded a contract to DCD Protected Mobility for the production of Springbuck APC's. This ballistic and landmine protected, all-terrain armoured personnel carrier that ensures crew protection, easy to operate, maintain and repair.
Husky G2 VMMDS Mobilised in the Middle East
DCD Protected Mobility is well positioned to supply the needs of the international defence markets. Underpinning its long history in the engineering of a range of military vehicles, the company recently completed the delivery of a batch of Husky 2G Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector (VMMD) vehicles to a customer in the Middle East. A subsequent order to the same customer is due for delivery by the end of 2015.
EBH Namibia Demonstrates Commitment To People Development And Continuous Improvement With Internal Auditing Training
Demonstrating the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and developing the careers of its people, EBH Namibia (EBHN) has facilitated the training of nine members of staff in the field of internal auditing.
Another successful project demonstrates DCD Marine Cape Town’s ship repair expertise and proven service delivery
As one of the most established and experienced oil and gas upstream service providers in South Africa, and a company within the DCD Marine Cluster, DCD Marine Cape Town has earned a reputation as a safe, reliable and internationally competitive shipyard.

DCD strives to be the leading supplier in Africa of heavy engineering solutions and a partner of choice for governments, industry, stakeholders and local communities.

DCD also intends to position itself as a recognised participant in emerging economies outside of Africa in its areas of operation, as well as a leader in international supply in niche areas to developed economies.

At DCD emphasis on R&D capability will keep the group at the forefront of global technological development, and create a catalyst for ongoing progress.


Growing and creating a sustainable and global business by:

  • Being a preferred partner to governments in our chosen operating markets
  • Establishing ourselves as market leaders with a presence in selected emerging markets
  • Leveraging our niche market base to expand our presence in G7+ markets
  • Investing in R&D, innovation, acquisition and strategic alliances to strengthen our product and service offering
  • Acquiring, developing and retaining the right skills through leadership driving a distinctive culture and the development of communities to enable international competitiveness

  • One team, one goal
  • Customer commitment
  • Leadership
  • Continuous learning
  • Strive for excellence

DCD is able to deliver leading edge solutions consistently to our clients by bringing together highly talented people in a creative and collaborative environment.

We pride ourselves on living by our core values, achieving our goals by focusing on leading the way for one team sharing one goal through continuous learning, to achieve excellence every day and ensure we satisfy our customers' requirements while remaining competitive.