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Bogie fitted with DCD Rolling Stock's Jika PHS

DCD Rolling Stock has revolutionised locomotive steering through the development of its patented 'Jika' passive hydraulic steering (PHS) system for locomotives.

Jika PHS has transformed international railway logistics by increasing the lifespan of the average locomotive wheel by three times while reducing track wear by 60 percent and energy consumption by three percent.

DCD Rolling Stock product engineer and Jika PHS inventor Pat Smit indicates that the company's latest technological breakthrough in hydraulics, which is officially being trialled in full rail service, serves as a more efficient, reliable and cost effective alternative to the current mechanical linkage system for locomotives.

In addition to minimising wear on the rail and locomotive wheel, the reduction of locomotive force also reduces the lateral movement of the rails on their sleepers that results in the rail spreading apart. Smit says that it is important to note that the Jika PHS also reduces the angle of attack between wheel and rail. "A prominent overseas locomotive manufacturer is on record that one test showed maintenance on the curved sections of the railway system reduced by 60 percent," he says.

The Jika PHS is also beneficial for traction and braking, but most importantly, the system reduces the rolling resistance of locomotives when negotiating curves, consequently reducing energy consumption by three percent. Secondary benefits of the Jika PHS are that the system makes the locomotive more universal for use on lighter rail sections, thereby reducing the fleet number. Tertiary benefits include a smoother and almost silent ride, and less pollution as steel particles ground off moving wheels are all but eliminated.

DCD Rolling Stock, a division of international manufacturing and engineering company DCD Group, has established itself as a leading supplier of locomotives, wagons, bogies and related equipment to local and international railways, mining and industrial operations.

The Jika PHS was officially launched at the TransAfrica Transport, Infrastructure and Investment Expo, which was held at the Nasrec Expo Centre.

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